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Memory of the Sea

This poem was mostly written yesterday in a workshop called ‘Give Sorrow Words’ with Irish poet, Padraig O Tuama. It was an incredible afternoon and evening. Thank you Padraig, thank you Cheryl, thank you Christina, and thank you to Tina and all the participants for listening and sharing so generously.

With a nod to Halfway Down by A.A.Milne (in the 5th line) and a headbutt to my beautiful friend Sarah Bryan (in almost all the others) here’s my

Memory of the Sea…

Climbing without haste

Our shoes

A steady pace

And on reaching a place

That wasn’t up and wasn’t down

We stopped

On a beach with no sand

No sand

Just shells

What a wonder!

Sharp on our feet

Yet beautiful

To touch

I hold one now

To my ear

I hear


I miss you

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