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the shadow of my fingers on a scratched wooden table - 5th Feb 2012

the shape of my friend, Harriet, on the sand at Tamarama Beach - Jan 2012

Shadow by Rook Floro - “I’m sitting here casting my shadow”… (via colossal)

In the image above the artist is sitting in the chair. He is the shadow of his larger self.

I haven’t blogged yet this year. I don’t really know why but I assume it is partly for fear of not being able to fill my own projection of my self. My small-bodied ordinary self does not seem good enough, clever enough, it’s just not… enough… to satisfy my desires for me and who I think I want to be or how I want to write.

But I learned last year, and again this January that “I don’t have to physically integrate my higher, big-bodied self with my little, ordinary self”. What a relief! They can be separate, or come together sometimes and move apart again. Thank you Cynthia Winton-Henry for sharing this revelation! Click the link to read more about this idea on Cynthia’s blog Mystic Tech.

Shadows are beautiful… distorted, imperfect and beautiful. In some light they are illuminated, sometimes they disappear. Today I am my small-bodied self, basking in the ordinary… I am but a shadow of my big-bodied, creative, inspiring, saintly self… She also comes out regularly, and they intertwine and overlap with my medium-bodied selves. I’m learning to love my gargoyle shadows… and I thank God for that! Does that mean I’ll blog more often and take some of my selves less seriously?… For my sake I hope so.

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