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Dancing for a 12th Century Philosopher Woman

I’m going to be walking and dancing down the isle in St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne at 6pm this Sunday night! Why?

Well, I must admit large ornate churches freak me out a bit, they’re beautiful but kind of creepy… However, this weekend in Melbourne an amazing woman and historical figure, Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) is being celebrated.

Hildegard was a 12th century philosopher, a musician, a diplomat, a leader, teacher, author, painter, abbess, mystic, preacher, herbalist / healer, a visionary, a cook, and a theologian. She wrote the first opera ever in the West, and she invented an alternative alphabet!

Remembered for her capacity to integrate different branches of knowledge and for crossing boundaries of convention; Hildegard spoke clearly against corruption and created new ways to envision the Christian story using feminine images of divine power. Ironically, earlier this month on October 7, the current misogynist Vatican declared Hildegard of Bingen a Doctor of the Church (one of only four women in 2,000 years of history).

So, this Sunday night at 6pm there’s a prayer service, ‘Sunday Vespers’, at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne (across from Federation Sqaure) to honour Saint Hildegard. It’s free and open for anyone to attend. If you’re up for it I’d love you to come and see me dance down the isle, Bingen-style! 

“Be not lax in celebrating!”  - Hildegard of Bingen. She said it!

Hildegard chatting to God and dancing with some naked, long-eared dudes.

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Singing - We Are All Flesh

Not too long after I moved to Melbourne I found out about a choir directed by the incredible, Sue Johnson, member of one of my all-time favourite bands, Coco’s Lunch. It’s been a weekly slice of heaven to sing with a group of fun, vivacious women at the beautiful Prana House. This photo is not the room we rehearse in, but it’s the room that grabbed my attention the first time I visited, so sunny and inviting!

This month, on Wednesday the 18th of July my choir has been invited to perform at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. I’m more than a little excited… Our performance will be part of the program for the Berlinde De Bruyckere, ‘We Are All Flesh' Exhibition. If you are not familiar with her works, here is a snapshot… not particularly child friendly, but amazing, haunting sculptures of humans, animals and trees in metamorphosis.

It’s a free public event. So if you’re in Melbourne and keen for a night of singing and sculpture please come and enjoy it with us…

The Last Supper
Wed July 18, 5pm-8pm
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

A cozy mid-winter evening in the gallery with all the things that make you feel warm, inside and out. Art, music, wine and fresh-baked bread to take home from the wonderful Fatto a Mano bakery.

With Choir Director Sue Johnson and the Prana House choir.

Free entry. All welcome.

How to get to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art:

From Flinders Street Station…
    10 minute walk from the city, across Princes Bridge, up St. Kilda Road
    Tram Route 1 Sturt Street Stop No. 18 (to front door)
    Tram Routes 3, 5, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 alight at Stop No. 17 on the corner of St.
Kilda Road and Grant Street, then 2 minute walk to the end of Grant Street.

Metered street parking is available in Grant and Sturt Streets.
Commercial car parks are located at the Victorian Arts Centre and the Australian Ballet Centre at the end of Sturt Street.

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I’m fussy about footwear…

Last year when I began this blog in California, I promised to write a PaperCat-style fashion blog post in honour of my almost sister Lux*. Now seems as good a time as any to keep that promise. It may not be quite it the league of the fashion posts you’ll read on but none-the-less, welcome to my Winter Fashion Post for fussy feet that want to un-freeze and enjoy the winter!

For quite a few months now I’ve been wearing a pair of dark green boots with completely non-functional zipper on one side. I lovingly call these my jungle boots. They’re a few years old, purchased in London, from a South African woman with a gorgeous sense of humour and a great partiality toward ugg boots. They’ve been re-soled twice and the unbroken zipper has been replaced once and although I still love them dearly, the time had come to seek out their successors.

Melbourne is the perfect city in which to buy boots, and while I’m fairly fussy about footwear… these caught my eye from the window of Allegro Shoes on High St in Northcote. So with a little encouragement from a friend and some financial backing from loved ones I have purchased these Spanish beauties, stitched together with recycled materials and oozing cuteness and practicality to which my feet feel unaccustomed but grateful.

These are my fun new boots. 

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It’s it a car! It’s it a lawn!… No…it’s…

Wandering the back streets in northern Melbourne I stumbled upon the ultimate camouflage vehicle!

Perfect for those action hero moments… like when you’re driving to save innocent bystanders from an evil villainous foe and you see an ex lover but they haven’t noticed you yet.

Blend seamlessly into your surrounds with… “the AstroTurf-mobile”! Amazing!

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