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Those of you who have been following Paper Cat Tales from the beginning might remember that early on one of my aims was to play around with the idea of sitting still. ‘Shape and stillness’ is one of the forms InterPlay takes and after a few months of intensive hanging around my shaper is starting to claim some space.

Co-founder of Interplay, Cynthia Winton-Henry writes on shape and unity: Each body¬† is diversely organized and also coherent. Unity does not require ONE SHAPE! We do not have to Shape up or Ship out. Unity requires interplaying with complex shapes and communal practices where people might Sit, Stand, Lie down, Dance…

I’m very proud to be helping shape the 2012 Interplay Summer Intensive through this mildly embarrassing but clearly “amazing” (I use that word a few times!) promotional video for InterPlay Australia.

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