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I guess what surprised me when I was invited to respond to the questions below, as part of the registration process for a two day workshop, ‘Freeing Your Voice!’, was not how I spoke about my voice in the third person, but how much these questions brought to light. It was a sign of what was to come. By the end of the two days with Voice Movement Therapists, Trish Watts & Sophie Martin I was able to access so much more of my voice. This drawing was a response to the unleashing I was experiencing… I decided to draw using as many different kinds of marks as possible, playing with line, pressure, texture and shape.


I adore her (my voice) but we sometimes we fight about self-care. I want what’s best for her and I think she wants what’s best for me but we don’t always know how best to look after each other.

I was aware of and fascinated by my voice and its capabilities from a young age and I’ve never lost that curiosity and the joy of making sound.

I love using my voice as an instrument and I want to develop this further without losing the spontaneity and fun that I enjoy when I play with my voice.

I’ve had trouble with my voice at a few key times in my life. At one stage I sought the advice of an ENT specialist because I was getting a lot of reflux and losing my voice regularly. The specialist put a camera down my throat, saw no problems and suggested speech therapy because he thought my speaking voice should be higher. I thought this was a strange diagnosis. I think I was stressed.


I am a singer. I know I am… but a singer is someone who sings, I’m not doing as much of that as I’d like to be. There are blockages there… perhaps with confidence, or fear of the power of my voice. I’d like to build trust with my voice and feel more ready to take the next steps, whatever they may be.

Trish and Sophie are offering similar workshops throughout 2012.
The next one is called
Move your Voice! Embodying your whole self

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It’s it a car! It’s it a lawn!… No…it’s…

Wandering the back streets in northern Melbourne I stumbled upon the ultimate camouflage vehicle!

Perfect for those action hero moments… like when you’re driving to save innocent bystanders from an evil villainous foe and you see an ex lover but they haven’t noticed you yet.

Blend seamlessly into your surrounds with… “the AstroTurf-mobile”! Amazing!

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